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Adquiere un nuevo vehículo de transporte e incorpora a dos operarios temporales El pleno aprueba una modificación presupuestaria de 153.000 euros El Ayuntamiento de Bossòst ha adquirido, en régimen de rénting, un nuevo vehículo todoterreno para los...

Bossòst organiza un año más la mítica carrera popular “Sant Silvestre” que este año llega a la 13ª edición. Las inscripciones ya se pueden formalizar en la web del Ayuntamiento de...


      Bossòst population is located at an altitude of 710 meters. Encentra in the northeast sector of the Aran Valley, on both sides of the Garonne River and close to the French border in the mountain pass of Portilhon , which connects it to the next town of Luchon.

      For location and post its altitude, its mild climate has helped Bossòst a perfect residential place and rest throughout the year .

      The architectural and urban aspect denotes a clear Gascon influence, especially in the construction of the walk along the river and the road, with numerous lime trees. In the Plaza Mayor, which was much more spacious than the current one, there was a large elm centenary tradition says was planted by Henry IV of France.

      Historically was the most important of the valley population, its economic vitality you made ​​it for many years also the largest . Currently Bossòst is the only town in the valley that has maintained its wood processing industry and has a sawmill. The municipality also find a hydroelectric plant that thrives in the waters of the Garonne river.

      But the industry that has acquired more relevance is services : hospitality and retail . An activity that has a tradition since 1840 , and had four Bossòst taverns and three liquor stores and ironmongery . Grains, liquor and genres of clothing imported and exported timber and cattle. Easter Monday , June 25 cattle and 5 October : At present the weekly market on Wednesdays and three fairs held annually .